4 Reasons for Hiring a Filipino Coding Instructor for Your Kids

Do you like to teach your kids coding but feel like it is hard to teach it yourself? Or, are you trying to look for a good option for teaching your kids to code? 

Today, we introduce you to the 4 reasons why hiring a Filipino coding tutor would be one of the best choices. 

1. Filipino teachers have been building trust in the US. 

In the united states, many schools have been struggling with hiring teachers. That’s why they started looking to hire teachers from the Philippines back in 2009. 

In 2009, 21 Filipino Teachers got their visas and started teaching in the US. In 2018, nearly 800 Filipino teachers started working in the US. 

Here are some videos you can check about Filipino teachers.  

2.High English Proficiency

The Philippines had been an American Colony for around 50 years, and English is the Philippines’ official language. Since most subjects are taught in English at school, more than 95% of Filipino speak English fluently. That is the reason many international corporations have call centers in the Philippines. 

According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the Philippines is ranked second in English Proficiency in Asia last 2019. 

3.Filipinos are fun-loving and friendly people

One of the most challenging parts of teaching kids online is to keep their attention, especially when they are elementary students. 

The great thing is Filipinos are friendly and fun-loving people. Filipinos even celebrate Christmas starting from September. Christmas party is the time they show their creativity. 

You will see how the instructor keep the attention of children once you hire a Filipino instructor. 

4.Affordable Quality Coding Instructors

Suppose you hire a private instructor for your kids. It usually costs around $60-70 per 50-minute class. Do you think those instructors are professionals? Unfortunately, it is not entirely true. According to PayScale, In the US, a software engineer’s average yearly wage is $86,016. It isn’t easy to hire them as instructors with $60-70 per hour. That’s the reason most instructors are university students. 

Like India, many tech companies are outsourcing their software developments to the Philippino software developers. The average wage of the software in the Philippines is much lower than the states, but they have excellent coding skills, which they can support the development of global companies. 

Therefore, you can hire professional-quality software engineers for your kids at a lower price than hiring an instructor in the states. 

For example, at CodeGrit Jr, we offer a 50-minute class for $25. It is less than half the price of other schools. Still, our instructors can gain a higher salary than doctors in the Philippines. It allows us to hire quality instructors with a strong background in science.  

Not only that, we have curriculums developed by industry experts. The programming language we teach is Blockly, a block-based coding language developed by Google. 


As I explained, there are advantages of hiring Filipino coding instructors for your kids. At CodeGrit Jr, we offer a trial session for free. If you are interested, you can request an invitation today! You can decide whether to continue with a Filipino instructor or not after the trial session. 

CodeGrit Jr is an online computer science and coding academy. We offer private coding classes from professional instructors with affordable prices starting $25 per 50-minute session.