5 Videos to Watch to Improve Your Homeschooling

Many parents consider continuing homeschooling under the current situation or making kids go back to school. 

Homeschooling has many benefits for parents. You can control the budgets, and data shows homeschooled kids are getting a higher score in SAT to compare with kids learned in public schools. Adding to that, it would cost a lot less compared with making kids go to private schools. 

However, many parents worry about several things like: 

  • How to make my kids socialize with other people, possibly they would be introvert. 
  • We’re not sure we can take time to educate kids while working. 
  • And so on. 

In this article, we introduce videos that introduce ideas to improve homeschooling amid the current situation. 

1.Why I Homeschool My Kids || Mayim Bialik

In this video, Dr. Mayim Bialik, the star actress of Bigbang Theory, explains why many concerns people usually have about homeschooling are not accurate or easy to solve. Chances are you can use some of the ideas she introduces in the video. 

2. Parents Are Hiring Private Tutors For Kids In ‘Pandemic Pods’ — But Not Everyone Can Afford It | NBC

This video introduces pods learning, which a small number of students would be learning with a teacher. The teacher would give instructions to the students, and the students work on the same projects together. 

This way, children can learn to cooperate with other children and improve their communication skills. 

Pods learning are great, but as many other videos are also pointing out, it can be costly, and not many households can afford that. If your budget is limited, I recommend you to check the next video. 

3.How Outschool Works | Live Online Classes & Review

Outschool is one of the largest marketplaces of online courses for kids. More than 10,000 professional teachers or education organizations are registered there and offering small group classes there. The video explains how future online education works for kids. 

4.Couple Sold Everything to Travel & Homeschool their 3 Kids | Family World Travel

In this video, you will see a couple traveling with children for doing world schooling, which enables kids to learn online and learn about different cultures in the world at the same time. Unschooling and World Schooling are still new concepts, but there some things you can learn from the movement. 

Currently, there are many concerns about traveling; however, it gives a hint of what you can do even after schools reopen. 

5. Introduction to Class for Zoom

A new startup called ClassEDU is now working on a new video calling tool specialized for the classroom. It has many tools for teachers and tutors.

Many teachers and students are currently struggling with providing quality distance learning. However, the odds are new technologies would probably solve many issues within the next few years. 


In this article, we introduced 5 videos to learn some new ideas to improve homeschooling. I hope they would ease your struggle and help the success of your kids. 

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