Private Online Coding Classes for Kids

CodeGrit Jr offers 1:1 online coding and computer science classes for your kids.

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What We Do

Online Computer Science Academy for Kids

As software is getting more important globally, knowing how software work will make a big difference in kids' careers. CodeGrit Jr's mission is to empower kids through our structured computer science curriculum and increase creators and future entrepreneurs.

Currently, our curriculum covers kids ages 7-11. Students will learn the concepts of coding through a block-based programming language called Blockly. Students will learn the concepts through instructions from the instructors, though different kinds of activities and projects.

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Learn Effectively

Hand-picked Instructors

We put a lot of effort into hiring top-notch coding instructors. We only hire college graduates with a science background. Evaluate their passion for teaching, communication skills, teaching ability, and personality through a multi-step hiring process. Only 5% of applicants successfully become part of our instructors.


What your kids will learn

Logical Thinking

Learn to code is not a process of memorization but a process of learning how to accumulate small programs logically. Our curriculum helps your kids to think logically.

Creative Thinking

At CodeGrit Jr, students will challenge to create their projects applying the skills they learned through the course works. They improve creativity while thinking about what they like to make and implement it from scratch.

Problem Solving Skills

Working on the coding activities and projects, students will confront many issues, bugs, and learn how to solve them one by one with the instructor. The skill works in real-world problems, too.

Resilience & Grit

Our service name CodeGrit came from this. Attacking coding activities and challenges is hard, but we will help the students will conquer it. Through the challenges, students will build resilience and grit, which would help them in their future careers and life.

How does it work?

1:1 Live Sessions

At CodeGrit Jr, all classes are taught 1:1 Live online. We only hire top-notch instructors with a passion for teaching, strong knowledge in science, and strong communication skills.

Solid Curriculum

We carefully develop our courses to cover the essential concepts of coding and learn them step-by-step. Through the courses, students will learn by challenging different kinds of activities and projects with instructors' support.

Learn at Student's Pace

Since all our classes are 1:1 basis, students will learn at their own pace and learning style. Each lesson has supplemental activities, and the instructor guides them to do more activities when they need more exercises in each lesson.

Our Curriculum

Carefully crafted courses for kids

Our courses are developed by industry experts. Students' will Learn new concepts in each session. Strengthen their knowledge through activities, projects, and assignments.


Block-based Coding Level 1

  • Sequence
  • While Loop
  • Event and Event Listners
  • If Conditionals

In this course, students will learn basic concepts of programming with Blockly block-based programming. In the main project, students will create a simple story-telling app.

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  • Age: 7-11
  • 8 lessons & 1 project
  • 2 - 3 months

Block-based Coding Level 2

  • Variables
  • If-else and Switch Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Creating game apps

In this course, students will expand the knowledge they learned in the course Level 1. They will learn more conditionals and the concept of variables and functions. In the main project, students will create a simple game app.

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  • Age: 7-11
  • 8 lessons & 1 project
  • 2 - 3 months

Block-based Coding Level 3

  • Database
  • Money Saving App
  • Restaurant App
  • Shopping App

In this course, students will learn to create mobile apps with Blockly's App Lab. Students will also learn the concept of database. After this course, students are ready to learn basic Python or Scratch. (Coming soon.)

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  • Age: 7-11
  • 12 lessons & 1 project
  • 3 - 4 months

Scratch Level 1

  • Sequence
  • Event Handling
  • Loop
  • Simple Game

Scratch is a block-based programming language created by MIT media lab. Scratch is a little harder to learn compare with Blockly, however, it has more capacity to express creativity of kids.

Coming Soon
  • Age: 10-14
  • 8 lessons & 1 project
  • 2 - 3 months

How to get started?

To control the quality of the instructors, we are currently in the invite-only phase. You can register today, and we are going to invite you to the site once it is ready.


Trial Session

Try a 50-minute coding session for free. Our instructor will assess your kid's current knowledge in coding.


Instructor Matching

We will match an instructor based on the assessment result, age of your kid, and the timezone.


Weekly Sessions

After matching, your kid will take a session each week at the same time of a week.

Pricing & Plans

Each subscription is billed on a monthly basis. Classes may be paused or canceled at any time, and we'll be happy to discontinue with no fees.



  • 4 50-minute sessions
  • Fixed Instructor
  • Solid Curriculum
  • Fixed weekly class dates
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  • 8 50-minute 1:1 sessions
  • Fixed Instructor
  • Solid Curriculum
  • Fixed weekly class dates
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