Block-based Coding Level 1

Course Details

Learn to create a storytelling app with Blockly

  • Suggested Age: 7 - 11
  • Estimated Duration: 2 - 3 months

In this course, students will be introduced basic coding concepts with block-based programming language Blockly. This course covers 'Sequencing', 'Events and Event Listeners', 'Loops', and 'Basic Conditionals'. In lesson 8, students will challenge to create a story-telling app.

  • Lesson1. Sequential Programming
  • Lesson2. Events and Event Listener
  • Lesson3. Loops using “Repeat Block” with Objects
  • Lesson4. Loops using “Repeat Block"
  • Lesson5. Loops using “While Loop”
  • Lesson6. Loops Using “Repeat Until Block”
  • Lesson7. Conditionals Using “If Block”
  • Lesson8. Project: Conditionals and Loops

Frequently Asked Questions

You only need a computer, Chrome browser, and Zoom for Desktop to take our classes. You can download and use it for free.
Totally! We crafted our block-based coding course for the student with no prior experience in coding. We teach at the student's pace, and each lesson has supplemental activities to strengthen the student's knowledge. Therefore, we can offer suitable sessions for both experienced and non-experienced students.
The length of each session is 50 minutes. After each session, the instructor assigns homework taking around 1 hour. Thus, we assume the students to commit approximately 2 hours per week.
We assess the current knowledge of the student in the trial session. We match the instructor based on the assessment, student's age, timezone, and matched course.