Become a Coding Instructor for Kids

Teach kids to codee from your home with your convenience and grow the next generation developers!

What is CodeGrit Jr

CodeGrit Jr is an online coding academy for kids

CodeGrit Jr offers solid coding curriculums and 1:1 live sessions with Filipino coding instructors to students both in the Philippines and from all around the world.

Benefits of Working at CodeGrit Jr

Make Money

We pay competitive rate for our instructors starting from 160PHP/hour. Higher rate will be applied depending on courses you teach, completion rate, etc.

Work from Home

Since we are offering online-based sessions, you can work from anywhere only you need is a quiet environment.

Flexible Schedule

We match students to you at fixed time of a week. You can decide how many students to take and how many hours of availabilities to open. You can work part time(minimum of 8 hours per week) or full time.

Prepared Materials

At CodeGrit Jr, we provide course materials created by professional developers, and educators. You don't need to provide resources by yourself.

Elevate Your Career

At CodeGrit Jr, we provide webinar to instructors time to time, we also hire some of the instructors as material developers or our software developers.

Educate the Future Developers

Kids have many possibilities. Some of them may become a professor, some may become a entrepreneuer, make differences to the world.

How to Work as an Instructor

1:1 Live Sessions

Students will be assigned to one or two fixed instructors. You will have sessions with them at the fixed time each week. You can also request rescheudles on the web app easily.


It is mandate to assign some homework to the student after each session. The student would work on the assignment around 1 hour before the next session.

Session Reports

After each session, you will leave a summary for the other instructors and write a report to the parents so that parents can figure out how their kids doing in the classes.

Learn New Things

IT world is changing day by day, you can attend our webinar and learn new skills for teaching new courses when you have no sessions. It would also lead to the rate increase.

Application Process



At first, please check the requirements and job responsibilities in the FAQ sections on this page. Then, apply through this page.


Create a short-lecture video

We ask each applicant to carete a short lecture video explaining simple concept of coding or topics related to teach coding.


Working on a small project

For applicants with few coding experiences, We ask to work on a small project which is related to what you are going to teach to the kids.


Training and Demo Classes

Depending on your former experiences, we train you how to teach effectively and how to make your classes fun and engaging.


Enjoy Teaching

After the training, you are ready to teach. We match you students and you will teach them weekly basis.


Improve your skills

We are offering webinars to instructors. Learn new skills and teach new courses. It will lead to the rate increase.


Who is eligible to be an instrctor?

We are hiring both graduates and undergraduates who are majoring in sceince related coursess like computer science, math, physics, architect, civil engineering etc. For the basic courses, you need to finish at least one coding subject at the university or have equivalent experiences in coding. We also hire educators with certifications who are willing to learn coding. (Teaching the most basic courses doesn't require high coding skills)

How much can I earn?

The rate for teaching block-based coding is between 160PHP-208PHP per hour. If you work 10 hours a week. You will earn it would be around 6000-8000PHP per month. The rate would be determined by the completion rate, the skill of the instructor, number of open hours, total number of sessions you teach, etc.

Who will be my students?

We are providing our service mainly to kids in the US and the Philippines. Because of the time difference between US and Philippines, some of the sessions would be taken place in the midnight in Manila Time.

What kind of equipment is needed?

You need computers less than 5 years old, internet connection faster than 5mbps, quiet environment, microphones, and web camera.

How many hours a week do I need to work?

Minimum of 8 hours per week is required. You can work up to 45 hours per week.

What kind of programming language am I going to teach?

We are currently teaching Block-based programming language like Blokyly and Scratch because it is the easiest for kids.

How do you pay the salary?

We pay the salary through PayPal twice a month.

I have a regular job, can I still apply?

Yes, if you can work more than 8 hours per week, you are always welcome.

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