Terms & Conditions

Last modified on May 6, 2020

1. Change the scope of this Agreement

Constitute a part of this Agreement, provisions will be announced for our service users at our website from time to time, like a service user is intended to accept this. Also, you may want to change this convention without obtaining the approval of our service users, the company, like a service user acknowledges this. Presented to our service users at our website from time to time change this.

2. The approval of the application service use

The company may be better to use that made the application may, if applicable, the following items will not be the consent of the service user. Revocation may be performed even after approval or acceptance. If it is found that there was a false and omissions or errors in the content application available (1) If it is found that you have neglected to pay, (2) the Company has deemed inappropriate in light of common sense.

3. The cancellation from the user

Termination of the user service (Sun and public holidays excluded) at the time of termination and the expiration of the current by the report from the inquiry form at least three days prior to the expiration of the period from the inquiry form. After you contact, we will cancel your Paypal payment as soon as possible. It should be noted that, because you will be providing services per month and two weeks, with students in the price paid I am afraid that I can not refund. For the period of the undelivered services of the next month if you contact us at least 3 days before the expiration of that period in the bank transfer will be refunded less a commission on refund. Also, I am afraid that I can not refund the ticket course regardless of the reason.

4. Login ID and password management responsibility

Service user, you can not be transferred to a third party or use the login ID and password that has been granted by the Company, trading, name, change, such as a pledge. Service users, that we shall never have responsibility for the management of login ID and password that has been granted under this Agreement for the use, damage our company, to users of other services. Service user shall pay any and all liability related to its use by your own risk.

5. The equipment, etc.

The burden of self-service user shall be prepared, all the equipment communication equipment, etc. are needed to use the service of the company. In addition, we also carried out at your own risk and expense necessary procedures in order to make use of.

6. Notification of change

Service users, in the case where there is a change in the matters reported to the Company, such as contact information, such as address, address, E-mail, place of employment, the notification shall be made to the Company of the change as soon as possible.

7. Temporary interruption of service

Without advance notice to the user service, if applicable to the Company in the following items, you may temporarily suspend the service. If you can no longer provide services fire (1), such as by a power outage if you can no longer provide the service by natural disasters earthquake (2), volcanic eruptions, floods, and tsunami war (3), uprising, insurrection, riot, labor If you can no longer provide the service by disputes and Others (4), if the Company deems it necessary to temporarily suspend the operational

8. The damages

Loss of service for all users that have occurred through the use of our services, and shall have no obligation assumes no responsibility for any and all damages. If the service user has been damage to a third party through the use of our services, a service user shall never have to solve their own expense and responsibility, damage to the Company.

9. Delete, such as information, emergency

If the value exceeds a predetermined period of time or amount, such as text information and the service user has registered in a company established by the Company may be removed without prior notice to the members. Also, if it is determined, or the operation of our upon service users other data service users, programs, and on the disturbance significant, you can temporarily stop the use of its users.

10. Stop service, revocation

If the service user is true even in one of the following items, we can without having to give notice and prior notice or any the user credentials to the service use of the service user, to cancel or suspend you. In this case, such as the company's refund fee was already paid us, not at all. If you have a false application (1) If you have made any alteration of information that has been entered (2) If the unauthorized use of your password (3) or login ID service users, as well as other management of the Company (4) If you want to interfere with the activities, has caused the damage if you have published without permission image of instructor and the contents of the lesson (5), the voice , such as performing the slander us or users of other services (6), the credit and honor If the act of damage if you want to delay the performance of the obligation to pay such charges of the Company (7), refused to pay or if the Company Other (8) was deemed inappropriate as a user service

11. The Act applies, compliance with public policy

Service user is subject to the laws of Japan. In addition, if the use of the service, immoral, breaching the laws of Japan, the Company may immediately cancel your use of the Service. Article 12: Court exclusive jurisdiction If you are in need of litigation between the Company and the service user, and the court agreed to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts with the user and the Company that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company.